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When Shadow of Mordor released in 2014, its "nemesis system" was brilliant enough that many people hoped it would define a new generation of games. Years later, that vision of industry-wide character hierarchies that learn, evolve, and remember the player never came to pass.


Congratulations - you've just built your first gaming PC. Or maybe you're like Cecilia and you've just bought your first pre-built rig. Either way, you've got some fresh new hardware and now it's time to put it through its paces.

Question is, what should you play? Here's 12 games to put a new gaming PC through its paces.


Briefly: Earlier this year, Shadow of Mordor executive producer Michael Forgey learned that he has a malignant form of brain cancer. Although the tumour is inoperable, Forgey is doing everything he can to battle against the disease. Forgey's family and friends at Monolith Productions are raising money to help him cover medical expenses and support his three children, and Monolith plans to start a social media campaign called #ForForgey tomorrow. You can find the fundraiser on YouCare right here.


Conventional wisdom suggests the longer it takes to finish a game, the better -- especially RPGs. We even have websites, such as How Long to Beat, tasked with cataloging the length of games. The clock on my just-finished Dragon Age: Inquisition save reads 64 hours and four minutes. How come, then, after so many hours with Inquisition, I feel so empty, and glad it's all over?


Briefly: "It's chess meets Hamlet. OK, maybe not Hamlet. But it's a start." Ken Levine, of BioShock and System Shock 2 fame, wrote an interesting review of Shadow of Mordor this week in which he praises its novel ability to tell stories that players "build for themselves simply by playing the game." Read it over at Matter.


New-gen consoles have barely been out for a year, but there's already a familiar story: a game launches and runs great on the PS4 and Xbox One, much less so on the PS3 and 360. Shadow of Mordor was an egregious example of this performance gap, but it's not the only one. Is there any hope for last-gen gamers?