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Shadow of the Tomb Raider is unique in that it'll be the only game in the rebooted trilogy to feature a co-op component. Part of the upcoming The Forge DLC, co-op will allow you to complete challenges with another player, either for fun or speed-runs, if that takes your fancy. If you'd like sneak peek, developer Eidos Montreal has released a behind-the-scenes video of the feature.


The latest Lara Croft adventure has only been out for a month and has already had its ending patched and its DLC delayed. And the most prominent fan complaint? It’s been about Croft’s wardrobe, though not in the way you might have expected.


Fans who have dug into the depths of the new Tomb Raider have made a discovery that would make Lara Croft proud. By playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider without its day-one patch, they've found an alternate post-credits cutscene. The cutscene includes some easter eggs that weren't in the ending most players saw, and is impossible to see if you've updated the game. It's an ending that the game's developers say "was mistakenly included in the game." Spoilers follow!


What’s an extra day of playing a hot new game early worth to you? What’s the worth of two days? It’s become more and more common for video game publishers to charge players for the chance to play games early. Or maybe they’re just sticking everyone else who pays a meagre $70 with a later release date. This practice has gone from rare to common this season. Here’s what’s being offered.


Modern action-adventure games are pretty easy for me. They’re too easy, you might say, if you’d like there to be some mystery about where your cliff-climbing character should jump or which levers they should pull while trying to operate ancient machinery. Hints tend to come fast, as your hero will start muttering about solutions if you didn’t quickly come up with one. I wish these games would let me figure stuff out on my own.


The new Tomb Raider’s freshest idea is the floating of a question: What if all this tomb raiding that Lara Croft does indicates that she is a treasure-plundering jerk who wrecks other people’s cultures and, worse, their lives?


Last week was all about swinging from rooftops and paratrooping out of the skies. This week, the drawcard is exploring underground and below the water line - and discovering what happens when nicking artifacts from tombs goes badly wrong.

Also, there's a Danger Mouse game out this week.