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GOG decided to hold the best kind of vote to celebrate its tenth anniversary. Of the following games — Firewatch, Shadow Warrior 2, and SUPERHOT — which should given away, free, for a limited time? If you've read the headline, well, I think you know what came out on top.


Like slicing and kicking the shit out of people? Then you'll enjoy the range of titles on offer this week. Injustice 2 lets you (virtually) put the foot into Superman or Batman's junk. Lo Wang returns to slice and dice enemies in Shadow Warrior 2, there's an arena fighter between black and white samurai, PlayStation VR gets one of its biggest releases yet, and there's an adventure involving some bloke called Mr. Pumpkin.


If a game tells me I'm going to carve up demons with a chainsaw called the "Warrrsaw," it puts my expectations in check. This game is going to be violent. It's going to be ridiculous. It's (hopefully?) going to be fun. Shadow Warrior 2 is all of those things.


"We don't believe in DRM, and we don't like DRM," two of the developers behind the new game Shadow Warrior 2 recently told Kotaku in an email, when we asked them about their game's lack of anti-piracy protection. DRM, of course, refers to digital rights management or anti-piracy systems that are widely used to keep people from stealing games and other software. "We don't believe it works," they said. "Nor that it's good for the players."