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The first 12 team slots in the Overwatch League cost, reportedly, $US20 ($27) million each. This was mostly because at least a dozen rich people were willing to give that much money to Blizzard, but was also at least in part to avoid situations like the ongoing disgrace that is the Miami Marlins, where a cash-poor owner leveraged his way into control of a franchise and then refused to properly invest in it.


When CrackerJess, the wife of my Overwatch buddy CrackerJack*, heard there were no women in the Overwatch League, she was livid. She'd never played a first-person shooter before, preferring Lindy Hop dancing to long computer sessions yelling over a microphone.

She had no attachment to the scene, no serious gaming ambitions. What set her off, she said, was an official league's inability to find even one qualified woman for a position where "there is no reason girls shouldn't rank as high."


Kim "Geguri" Se-yeon finally made her debut for the Shanghai Dragons last night, a huge deal — the first game ever for the first woman in America's most prominent esports league yet. And like every other match they have played in the Overwatch League, the Dragons got trounced, this time by the Dallas Fuel. But there were some signs of progress; after winning two maps total in their 10 stage two matches, they already won one last night.


This past week, 18-year-old Kim "Geguri" Se-yeon took to Twitter to say that she felt ugly and fat. This is pretty standard for someone in that age bracket; Geguri just is the first female player signed to an Overwatch League team, expected to make her competitive debut as Shanghai Dragons' new flex tank next week.


Shanghai Dragons, sitting in last place in the Overwatch League at 0-14, just announced that head coach Chen Congshan has "stepped down" from his post and will coach for one more week before getting replaced by assistant Sun Jun Young on an interim basis. We asked the Dragons if Congshan quit or was fired, and if his contract will get paid out in either event, but the franchise hadn't responded by publication time.