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The sequel to Klei Entertainment's cartoony stab-em-up brings me something that I desperately wanted from the first Shank: a frantic 2D twist to the waves-of-enemies gameplay popularised by Gears of War's Horde Mode. The nuts-and-bolts of Shank 2's Survival Mode get laid out in the clip above, which looks a lot simpler than it actually plays.


Inspired as it is by 1980s action-movie tropes, you can probably guess the plot of Shank 2's story mode. If your guess involves the hero renouncing his violent ways and trying to embrace a quieter existence, only to have his old life come back to wreak havoc in his new one, then you get a prize.


Released through the EA Partners program last year, Klei Entertainment's gorgeously gory sidescroller won legions of fans with its retro presentation and fluid animation. The one thing everybody wanted was co-operative play featuring the bandaged badass and his cohort Falcone. Your pleas were heard and the video above shows off how that's going to look.


Endless streams of tough guys. One after another. I pull out my blades, switch to a chainsaw and then start shooting. Shank isn't a beat 'em up. It's a slice 'em, shoot 'em, pummel 'em up.


Shank, the side-scrolling beat-and-slash-em-up out this week, runs like a dream on the PS3 but is having some stuttering issues with its cinematics on the Xbox 360. The game's developer says older models of that console are the problem.


Klei Entertainment's side-scrolling action game Shank will hit the PlayStation Network on August 24 for $US14.99, with an Xbox Live Arcade release on August 25, priced at 1200 Microsoft points. Are you ready to get Shanked?


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Shoot, slice and strangle 'em up Shank is coming to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade this August, a gory stabfest that you can share with a buddy, as seen in this co-op video preview of the game.


Marianne Krawczyk, best known for bringing Kratos to life as the writer of God of War, is lending her talents to a different kind of hero in Klei Entertainment's Shank.


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Hollywood has tried for years to make a good movie based on a video game, and failed. May as well try making one based on an indie game, then!


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Kotaku darling, Independent Games Festival finalist and soon to be Electronic Arts-published game Shank gets a bit more face time this week as GDC kicks off.