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Video: The folks behind the third Shenmue released this brief teaser video today in an attempt to muster up some last-minute pledges for the Kickstarter, which ends in three days. Their estimated release date is December 2017, although I'd be shocked if we see it earlier than 2018.


When Sony announced it was working with Yu Suzuki on possibly making Shenmue 3, before shouting out a Kickstarter, reaction was mixed. Many were excited, but a vocal minority asked an interesting question. If Sony was so committed to the development of Shenmue 3, why not fund it themselves, the old fashioned way.


There's something curious about Shenmue III on Kickstarter: it's only asking for $US2 million. It took $US47 million to build the original game. What's the deal? As it turns out, Sony's partnering with its development.