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Iwata Asks is one of the few, rare insights we have into the working processes of Nintendo as a company, and I've always found it fascinating. No company is more closed up about its games, but Iwata Asks is like a complete anomaly — often it's painfully open about the successes and failures of Nintendo as a company. The most recent Iwata Asks may be the most fascinating of all — a discussion about how being 'desperate' is important to good game design. And Miyamoto asks himself, is he a good boss?


They may not be chart-toppers - indeed, the third game has never even been officially released in the West - but the Mother/Earthbound series of role-playing games are some of the most revered and cherished of all Nintendo games (at least among certain clicks).


On March 11, the Tohoko earthquake and tsunami left the northeastern part of Japan in ruins. People were displaced, missing or dead. News coverage reported on the devastation. But what company wants to be the official sponsor of a calamity like this?


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata's conversation with the Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun—author and Earthbound and Mother creator Shigesato Itoi's semi-daily blog—continue, with today's update confirming that Nintendo has no plans to "do the easy." And by "doing the easy" Iwata essentially means that Nintendo has no plans to rest on its laurels and release incremental, expected sequels. And he's right, parts of Wii Fit are hard.

Iwata tells Itoi "Our mission is to surprise people in a good way, and this became very clear as we made Nintendo DS and Wii. You can't open up a new market of customers if you can't surprise them." That may be good news for fans of originality, but Iwata brings a scrap of bad news for gamers salivating for Wii Sports II. A sequel, he says, is "definitely not coming out soon."

More of the Iwata versus Itoi rap session at Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun.

Don't Do The Easy