The Super-Fans Of Detroit: Become Human Hate Most Of The Game

Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human doesn’t seem like the type of video game that would spawn an enthusiastic fandom on Tumblr. It’s a sci-fi game about robot civil rights that sometimes stumbles in its political commentary, and there’s nary a romance plot in sight. Nevertheless, fans are writing fic, making…

Overwatch Ships Are All About Filling In The Blanks

Ever since Brigitte was introduced as a new hero for Overwatch, some fans have been excitedly shipping her with D.Va, in a pairing called Mekamechanic. We don’t know a lot about Brigitte, but that’s part of what makes this pairing work: Fans can just make it up as they go…

Shipping, Explained

Shipping, or the act of writing about, drawing or being enthusiastic about a particular fictional couple, has become a part of what it means to be a fan of something. It’s also older than you think.