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By all accounts, the original 1991 release of Asics' Gel Saga was inspired by the aesthetics of Gundam, making it one of the first nerd sneakers in history. The shoe's 2018 re-release is paying homage to that heritage.


In the classic Simpsons episode "You Only Move Twice", after hurling his moccasins out the front door, Hank Scorpio asks Homer if he's ever seen a guy say goodbye to a shoe. The throwaway joke has sparked countless discussions online about why it's actually funny, but there's no debating that Scorpio would have never tossed his shoes in the first place if he were wearing these new Simpsons-themed ones from Ubiq.

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There's an obsession with "immersion" in virtual reality. Everyone wants to find the next way to make VR experiences feel more real. So far, the best ways to do it have been room tracking sensors that let you walk around a designated area or wireless hand controllers that let you grab things in the virtual world. Now, a new startup is betting big on plastic shoes that give you a sensation that you're actually walking around in the virtual world.


Converse will launch two new Super Mario-themed sneakers for no less than ¥20,000 (roughly $200) in late August in Japan, with Bowser and Mario on them. The stars in Super Mario games match Converse's 'All Star' brand after all.


Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson Jr is my favourite football player. OK, he's the only football player I can name, and that's only because people call him Megatron. Now I love him even more, because he's the inspiration behind a $US550 box set of three pairs of sneakers and a limited-edition Transformer.