• Here’s What To Expect From WWDC 2021

    Here’s What To Expect From WWDC 2021

    There are only two things we absolutely know for sure about WWDC21. The first is that the all-virtual developer’s conference will kick off June 8, at 3 a.m. AEST. The second is we’ll hear what the company’s got in store for the latest versions of iOS, macOS, and its other software platforms.

  • So, Wolfram|Alpha Is A Pokédex Now

    Wolfram|Alpha, the self-described “computational knowledge engine”, probably doesn’t see a lot of traffic from gamers. But that might change, with the search engine adding statistics for 649 pokémon to its database, all of which can be cross-referenced in various (and hopefully useful) ways.

  • Turns Out Siri Isn’t Fluent In Japanese

    Apple has the personal assistant Siri. DoCoMo, a major mobile service provider in Japan, has the Syabette Concier. With the Japanese version of Siri being recently introduced, one man on YouTube tested the two voice controlled assistants to see how they differ.