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This was somewhat lost in the shuffle of Wednesday's announcement that Skullgirls, the 2D fighter currently available on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, would be getting a PC version. The game's official Twitter feed says that PC and PS3 gamers will be able to play together thanks to cross-platform compatibility, but it won't be implemented "until a few months" after the PC version releases.


The game, recently launched on PSN and Xbox Live, will be available for digital purchase later in 2012. The PC version includes several game updates, which will be added to the console versions in free downloads later this year.


Skullgirls, Revenge Labs' downloadable game coming sometime soon ("early 2012" is the latest word) on PSN and Xbox Live, is a 2D fighter with a heavy multiplayer component. That doesn't mean it doesn't have a story explaining who its characters are, how they acquired their skills and powers, and just what the heck "Skullgirl" means, anyway.


Pretty pictures and adorably odd characters are nice and all, but when it comes to fighting game fans it's the game mechanics that matter. This video primer for Skullgirls shows off some of the features that button mashers just won't understand.


See the newest cast member of the (currently) all-female 2D fighter Skullgirls in action. This is Parasoul, part-time princess, part-time commander of an elite squad of commandos. Sure, maybe she should dress more sensibly for the fight, but maybe some risque girl-on-girl brawling will help ease the pain of Skullgirls' delay to 2012.


If you've played a Castlevania video game from the past decade, you've likely enjoyed the musical stylings of Japanese composer Michiru Yamane. She's the musician behind Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and dozens of other Konami games. Now she's scoring indie fighting game Skullgirls, lending it some jazzy flair.


A new 2D fighting game will throw its hat into the ring this (northern) summer, the ambitious and impressive Skullgirls. It's a downloadable girl-on-girl brawler borne of a love of Street Fighter, Marvel Vs Capcom and Guilty Gear. It's a fighting game that creatively solves fighting game problems.


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This is Skullgirls, a game we've only previously whispered about. It's a gorgeous 2D fighting game, and the only fighters are girls.