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Microsoft says the Xbox One won't need an always-online internet connection. But if you want to play it, the thing must be able to check in with the home office once a day. Playing used or borrowed games also sounds like a real bitch. Only one thing that can save gamers from this: our old enemy, Fox News.


Near the beginning of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, as the noble pirate Jim Raynor and the psychic-soldier-turned-evil-Zerg-queen-turned-confused-human Sarah Kerrigan are escaping from a squad of invading marines, Kerrigan picks up a gun. "Been a long time," she says. "Like riding a bike," Raynor says.


This morning, I got up early and sat down to a freshly patched World of Warcraft to play a brand-new Pandaren. I still don't love the WoW art style — I never have, it's just personal preference really — but even I had to admit that the vivid blue streak in my panda's pigtails was kind of cute. And if I didn't love the way she ran, well, at least I could get used to it, and the vivid colours of the vistas she merrily stabbed her way through were worth appreciating. The experience started out smoothly, if a little on the slow side.


If you know how to use the internet, you will have little trouble finding people who will tell you that Kinect Star Wars is a bad video game. These people are correct. The combination of one popular thing (Star Wars!) with another popular thing (the magical hands-free Xbox 360 Kinect sensor!) has resulted in one foul ice-cream-lobster sundae.


Cwi Nqani's brush with video game greatness could've been mapped on the plot points of The Air Up There, Cool Runnings or The Gods Must Be Crazy or really any shallow movie where people from different cultures collide in an explosion of hilarity. As reported by CNN, the 32-year-old was selling his rural ethnic group's crafts in Namibia's capital city of Windhoek next to a tent where a World Cyber Games representative was hosting the country's national championships. Despite never seeing or playing digital games before, Nqani was the only person to play the Asphalt 6 mobile racing game, which automatically qualified him for a spot in the world finals. Those finals happened two weeks ago.