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How important is the design of game icons, the visual indicators of the titles available to launch from our consoles' dashboards? A number of Switch owners are very particular about the colourful squares that show up on their home screens. They're calling for changes, and developers are listening.


March, the biggest month of the first quarter, is finally over. And that means we're going to get a little break from enormous open-world RPGs for a little while.

But there's still some interesting games to check out. Case in point: Snake Pass, the cutesy platformer from the makers of the Sonic All-Stars Racing series, some more demon slaying action courtesy of Toukiden 2, the Monkey Island creators return only to be wrong about toilet rolls, and a game that I'm sure probably isn't any good but I'm honour bound to try anyway.


You know, there aren't enough games about being animals.

I'm not talking about Sonic the Hedgehog, or garbage platformers where four-legged animals are made bi-pedal for some reason.

I'm talking about games that attempt to mimic the experience of being that actual animal.

Like this game, Snake Pass. Which allows you to slither like a snake.