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Today on Highlight Reel we have a bunch of talking raptors in Arma III (or deinonychus if we're being technical), poetic justice in GTA V, the best use for the Kinect I've seen so far and more!


Sniper Elite 3 seems like a perfect summer-doldrums game, a guilty pleasure that will keep you occupied while not much else is on the horizon. Wondering which platform should you get it for? You should watch these comparison videos first. There is a clear loser.


Steam is a convenient place to purchase one's games, but it doesn't always offer a competitive price. Enter the likes of Green Man Gaming and other key resellers, who are able to offer better deals, especially if you live outside the US. Rebellion's Sniper Elite 3 recently debuted on Valve's distribution service and like other Steam titles, you can pick up a key for it from these discount stores. Unless Rebellion decides to revoke those keys, of course.


X-ray damage shots are back in vogue now and given that current-gen consoles and PCs are more than capable of offering this, uh, "service", what choice does a game developer making a brutal, violence-filled game have? Rebellion, with its upcoming stealthy shooter Sniper Elite 3, is just one studio providing not only X-ray headshots, but a special edition of the game that will set you back almost $US200.


Two years ago, a bonus mission in Sniper Elite V2 lets players intercept a Berlin-bound train and put a bullet in Hitler's head, deviating from the real world event where the Third Reich leader killed himself in an underground bunker. Apparently, that headshot from Sniper Elite V2 didn't take. When Sniper Elite 3 comes out on July 1, you'll get the chance to kill Hitler ahead of schedule all over again.


The only thing more satisfying than nailing a difficult sniper shot in a video game is an entire video game based around difficult sniper shots. Rebellion and 505 Games are bringing Sniper Elite 3 to consoles and PC in 2014.


In April of 1945 the dictator of Nazi Germany took his own life in order to avoid capture by the Red Army during the Battle of Berlin. The move left millions feeling as if they were cheated out of an opportunity. The preorder bonus for Rebellion's Sniper Elite V2 gives customers a chance to make up for unspent bullets.