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Soft Body is a new(ish) puzzle game for PS4 and Steam from game developer Zeke Virant. It's a $US13 ($18, Steam) / $19.45 (PS4) test of your ability to control two blobs through a field of bullets and barriers, each steered with a different analogue stick. One blob is weak but can paint walls. The other can take a bullet and attack enemies but will bounce back when hit. They can combine, too.


You're going to want to keep track of six video games coming from New York University's Game Center. One of them might be a spiritual successor to the hit PlayStation 3 game Journey and another one is on track to be a great multiplayer game that blends elements of starship game FTL with Star Control II. This past summer, all of them got the benefit of great advice from some of the best minds in video games.