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All told, 2018 was a great year to be a Star Wars fan, with a new movie, a new TV show, big surprises, huge news, and answers to old questions. There’s been a lot going on in the galaxy, far, far away. Here are our favourite moments of the year — barring a last-minute trailer and title reveal for Episode IX.

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There's a new Star Wars movie out! The Last Jedi might still feel fresh in your mind, but Solo: A Star Wars Story is in cinemas right now. Not been following all the news and reveals from the young Han Solo biopic? We've compiled all of the officially released info (no spoilers!) so you're fully prepped to visit the seedier side of a galaxy far, far away.


Sea of Thieves is no place for the solo swashbuckler. Bereft of boisterous crewmates, strange thoughts enter the mind. Thoughts like, "Well this isn't fun at all," and "Hey, if I stand on a rock the skeletons can't attack me."