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Our (aspirationally) weekly Overwatch show returns with a new name, Let's Break It Down, and a new hero to discuss! Sombra can hack everything, teleport and turn invisible. She is a handful, and also she has cool hacker hands. Listen to Cecilia, Heather and I talk about our favourite Sombra strategies. And also who we think she's smooching, because of course.


After a long and protracted ARG, the wait is finally over for Overwatch fans. Blizzcon is just around the corner, and with it the (probable) reveal of new hero, Sombra. And just ahead of the annual convention, the first official art has been found.


Imagine a world in which the Sombra Overwatch ARG never ends -- a horror world where there are only unsolved mysteries and the bitter, masochistic masses who hunt them down, forever. Are you picturing it? Here's a twist: You don't need to! You're living it.