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We're sitting on the set of Good Game: Spawn Point, sharing oatmeal cookies and occasionally checking a screen as a PlayStation 4 downloads Fe. I'm chatting to Gemma "Gem" Driscoll, the newest face on the show.

I asked how Gem's announcement had been handled, and despite only having met me minutes prior, the 20-year-old dropped a bomb.

"One dude who auditioned didn't get it said, 'I can see I'm not a social justice warrior enough purely because I'm not a girl,' and I was like hell, OK right-yo, and that hit me pretty hard because I'm not used to any of that."


Earlier this week, the ABC announced the latest host for Good Game: Spawn Point: Gemma "Gem" Driscoll, a Newcastle bred-and-born gamer. But so everyone can get to know Gem, who comes into the role following Bajo's departure last year, the show is hosting an AmA through Facebook this afternoon.