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Most players will take days to complete The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, but speedrunners do it much faster. Thanks to a year full of new discoveries and attempts by hard-working runners, The Wind Waker HD has been completed, for the first time ever, in under an hour.


Old school Nintendo fans dealt with a ton of challenging games, but Battletoads was one of the toughest. The third level contains the dreaded “turbo tunnel”, a long hoverbike gauntlet that wrecked careless players and grizzled experts alike.

Yesterday, a speedrunner not only completed it without losing a single life, but while blindfolded.


Eight years ago, Games Done Quick started as a handful of sleep-deprived speedrunners unexpectedly crammed into owner Mike Uyama's mum's basement. Networking issues had forced them to abandon their planned location at MAGFest's hotel in Alexandria, Virginia, so they improvised.


Speedrunners can rush through Celeste in about 30 minutes, but collecting everything and completing all challenges is much trickier. Yesterday, someone finally completed a 114% speedrun, collecting all hidden items and completing the game's most difficult levels without dying.


Speedrunner Illudude has been playing Wave Race 64 since it was released in 1996 on the Nintendo 64. Yesterday, he set a new world record on the game's Drake Lake level, breaking the 1:11 barrier he first introduced in 2010 and which speedrunners have been trapped ever since.

Shaving five hundredths of a second off his previous time to reach 1:10 is his latest accomplishment in a 22-year-long obsession with figuring out how to circle Drake Lake as quickly as possible.