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It's starting to feel like 2018 is the year of Spider-Man. Actually, scratch that, it's become the year of the Spider-Verse. We've got a Spidey movie on the way that not only looks rad as hell but is diving straight into the idea of a multiverse of Spider-heroes. Sony is apparently bringing Silk to the big screen. And Marvel is actually building up to a spiritual sequel to the comic event that started this all off in the first place: Spider-Verse.


The series where Gwen Stacy is the superhero swinging around Manhattan beating up bad guys is a fan-favourite twist on the Spider-Man mythos. Last week, a great version of Captain America showed up in Spider-Gwen #2. She eats nachos off her shield. I want to see more of her immediately.


Spider-Gwen is a weird title for the newest heroine to swing through the Marvel Universe. Technically, she's a Spider-Woman. But the 'Gwen' part of her moniker highlights the most potentially exciting aspect of her: she's an alternate version of Gwen Stacy, a character most famous for how she died.