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Last week, we brought you the definitive ranking of the most superior Spider-Men in Marvel's comic books -- but let's be honest: Who runs the Spider-world? Spider-Girls. In the years since Peter Parker first donned the Spider-mantle, leagues of legendary women have taken on Spider-heroics of their own, and now its their turn to be ranked.


Skintight suit with very specific contrasting panels. Poses and artists chosen to highlight her body. Pheromone powers that made her control dudes. Once upon a time, Spider-Woman was a Marvel Comics character that was seemingly tailor-made for ogling and creepy fantasies. She's mad pregnant now, though. So, yeah, those days are over.


Ever since her debut in 1977, Jessica Drew's superhero costume has looked pretty much the same, despite a few tweaks over the decades: a tight red unitard with yellow accents and big webs stretching from arms to legs. But Spider-Woman's got an all-new look coming soon and it's radically different.