Screenshot: Thunder Lotus Games

Spiritfarer Is A Chill, Touching Take On A Stressful Genre

Spiritfarer, which is described by developer Thunder Lotus Games as a “cosy management game about dying,” came out yesterday for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. I’m only a few hours into this massive, striking game — it’s reportedly 30 to 40 hours long — but those words seem remarkably accurate so far. To play Spiritfarer is to light some candles, make a cup of Chamomile, and curl up under a cashmere throw. It’s more or less Hygge the Game.

‘Spiritfarer’ Is A Gorgeous Game About Dying

‘Spiritfarer’ Is A Gorgeous Game About Dying

At every E3 there seems to be a game that catches me completely off guard when I play it, either because I dismiss its initial reveal as something I wouldn’t really be into, or its value is difficult to convey with a simple trailer. This year, Spiritfarer was that game.