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Here’s how you make outstanding action figures: Take a pair of already beloved Amiibo statues, give them a ridiculous amount of articulation and load them up with accessories. That’s what Good Smile Company did to create the upcoming Squid Girl and Squid Girl DX Figma figures.


Last week, Splatoon 2 players noticed something strange about the leaderboard for competitive play. The top four names on the list spelled out “Please add anti cheat,” courtesy of a hacker with a simple request. This hacker later told players that this wasn’t just a joke. He wanted to send a message to Nintendo about how easy it is to hack their game.


Hidden under Splatoon 2's fresh gear and multiplayer madness is an outrageous backstory. Nintendo has done a fantastic job of releasing free content for the games’ online offerings, but their newest DLC is all about the single player struggle and adding some ridiculous plot twists to the colourful franchise.


Splatoon's campaigns have always been wacky, inventive, but rarely too difficult. They seemed designed to introduce players to the game's different weapons and mechanics.

The newly-released Octo Expansion for Splatoon 2 isn't about warm welcomes. It's about mastering all that Splatoon can throw at you and then some.


Splatoon 2 is a game about squid-kids waging war with neon ink. It isn't an easy one to explain to grandma. And it takes place in a freaky world that raises a lot of questions. What did squid kids evolve from? How do they get so much ink in those little ink guns? Where are these kids' parents?


The debut of Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo Switch is finally within spitting distance. On June 11-12, Nintendo will host a Smash Switch tournament at E3 where invited players will compete at the recently-announced title. At the same time, Nintendo's Splatoon 2 World Championships will take place, featuring top teams from Canada, Europe, Australia and Japan.


Video game hub worlds are towns and hamlets that the player returns to between gameplay to restock and reflect. In games like Monster Hunter World or Splatoon 2, they offer a sense of security and community that ground the player in the world and make them feel truly at ease.