A lot of retro titles ran through my head this week. Master of Orion's back on the radar. Wing Commander was on my mind, thanks to Cloud Imperium Games and their extended stream. Morning sessions of StarCraft were making me think about what Dune 2000 was like -- I never got to play it, being a touch young when it came out, and OpenRA makes it easy game to rediscover. And the 1998 remake of Battlezone is something I'll undoubtedly revisit before this year is out.

But what left the strongest imprint in my mind for this week came courtesy of one summer holiday many moons ago. Picture this: you're sitting by the family Christmas tree with your older brother (I only have one), father and mother. You've got a shared sack. You go diving through and you find some video games.

One of those video games happens to be Spycraft: The Great Game.