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What exactly is a dating sim and why are they so weird? Why do we define ourselves by things we hate, rather than those we love? Should you trust Facebook to be your dating app of choice? And what is your best online dating story?

On this episode of Static, we are talking about love.

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When Netflix finally flickered to life across screens Australia-wide, everything changed. Suddenly, we had access to movies and TV shows right there on our PCs, tablets and phones. In the intervening years, two competitors have rose to take it on: Stan and Foxtel Now. The battlefield is every couch around Australia, the weapons are Great Content, Aussie Dramas and Sports. What is the best streaming service in Australia and what's right for you?

Will you Netflix and Chill? Foxtel Now and Slow Down? ...Stan and Lounge Around? Let's find out.

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Popular culture caught up to Philip K. Dick. The audacious imaginings of the legendary science fiction author bled into thousands of ideologically descendant books, films, and movies, even as some technologies he dreamed up became reality. That catching-up poses a significant challenge for Electric Dreams, Stan's anthology TV series based on his short stories.