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How to review a game like StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void? Where do you even start? Do you try to figure out how it fits into today's landscape of competitive multiplayer games? Do you ask whether it makes for a worthy conclusion to the story that began nearly 17 years ago? Do you just say whether or not it's fun?


Cannon rushing, a popular early game tactic, was just the beginning. With a patch already out and Legacy of the Void on the horizon, get ready for even more aggressive Protoss, rushing and beating you with the most basic thing they can build: Pylons.


For a long time now, StarCraft II players have been asking Blizzard for variety in competitive multiplayer. Traditional ladder matches are fun and all, but they can get a little repetitive -- especially when you're addicted to StarCraft and play like four hours a day.


It's been 17 years since the original launch of StarCraft, the seminal real-time strategy game that both revolutionised competitive gaming and went on to spawn some of the world's most popular games, like Dota and League of Legends. In the next few months, or maybe years -- this is Blizzard, after all -- that long journey will finally be over.