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The Steam Link is a nice way to play PC games when you aren't at your computer. Usually people set it up in their living room to so they can play on a TV while sitting on the couch, but the device can be turned into a nifty arcade machine as well.


If you've been thinking about ways to stream Steam games to your living room and don't want to go through the hassle of building a second PC or can't be arsed wiring up your existing rig or laptop to the TV, here's a decent alternative.


It always takes a day or two for Australian gamers to get prompts on Steam. It happens with sales, it happens with the news and it happens with just about anything that is important.

This morning prompts for the Portal 2 + Rocket League deal with Steam hardware -- or the controller, which is what I want -- came through to my account. They were already viewable online, of course, if you used incognito mode or an American VPN or just opened it up normally. But pre-orders still aren't available.

What the hell is going on?