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Rocket League Is Coming To SteamOS

Briefly: Rocket League is coming to SteamOS, and it’s free if you buy a Steam Machine, Steam Link or Steam Controller. The car soccer sensation is great fun in split screen, so the pairing makes perfect sense. Also, it’s sold one million copies on Steam alone. I get the impression…

Meet SteamBoy, The Portable Steam Machine

Now that Steam Machines have established all one needs to play computer games via Steam is a small box, a controller and a screen, the SteamBoy combines those three things into one portable gaming system.

Steam Controller Ditches Touchscreen For Real Buttons

The strange-looking Stream Controller Valve introduced to us in September was innovative, ambitious, and unworkable from a backwards compatibility standpoint. Today Valve announced the release version of the controller will drop the screen in favour of a d-pad and standard controller buttons.