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Strafe is a fond throwback to games like Quake and Doom. Seeking to capture all bloody fun of old school shooters, it has one hell of a shotgun and a lot of baddies to blast into bits. Heather and Chris sat down to take on its twisting corridors in this archived livestream.


If you're a fan of old games, I have good news: this week is all about the nostalgia. Top of the pile we've got STRAFE, a procedurally generated, very 90's looking shooter. And right next to that channelling the spirit of one of the best arcade games of the same era is NBA Playgrounds, which pretty much everyone and their dog swears is just a new NBA Jam.

Sounds alright to me. But let's see what else will be hitting shelves physical and digital this week.


Blood! Guts! Angry brothers! Screaming parents who just don't understand! While there's some tangible Kickstarter fatigue in video games right now, a good pitch is a good pitch, and Strafe's making an awfully strong argument for why it should have your attention.


The guys making indie shooter Strafe are concerned with a few things. Paying tribute to the glory days of 1996, for one, but also doing that in the most 1996 way possible: by going to town on their game's use of the ol' claret.