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The Street Fighter series' unique cast of world warriors have made for some amazing action figures over the years, once Hasbro got done screwing things up. Celebrating the series' 30th anniversary, here's a look at the history of North American Street Fighter toys with 10 pages from the upcoming Undisputed Street Fighter: The Art and Innovation Behind the Game-Changing Series.


Computer opponents "cheating" in games is nothing new. Though the bonuses an AI player gets are more to address the fact it can't think outside the box like a human can, rather than an attempt to smash you senseless every time. The bits and bytes of Street Fighter 2's brains were no different, relying one a single-frame advantage to get ahead of competent, flesh-and-blood combatants.


Players have had 26 years to break down Street Fighter 2 to its most base components, but it turns out there's still more to discover in the legendary video game. Using a glitch that affects how the character Vega recovers from a fall, a YouTuber has figured out how to pull off some new combos in this classic game.