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  • Bye Bye Kotaku!

    Earlier this morning I decided to delve deep into the recesses of Kotaku Australia’s content management system. I don’t normally do this but today is different. Today is my last day at Kotaku Australia. I’m feeling a little sentimental. I wanted to find my very first ever post on

  • Community Kudos

    Well this week rounded out nicely for me, personally, with a heap of Metal Gear Solid news. But, more importantly, it was yet another week where this amazing community did more amazing things. Amazing! But let’s get on to the most timely question of the week – who the hell is Jeeves?!

  • Community Kudos

    Hey everyone, Mark here – sniffing up mega boogers and writing my final Friday post. This week has been the week where our humble community seemed to explode into a mega posting frenzy – somehow without even being aware of it!