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Eight years ago, Games Done Quick started as a handful of sleep-deprived speedrunners unexpectedly crammed into owner Mike Uyama's mum's basement. Networking issues had forced them to abandon their planned location at MAGFest's hotel in Alexandria, Virginia, so they improvised.


By the time it was Final Fantasy 7's turn on the Summer Games Done Quick schedule, the trio of runners were already tired. A mixture of nerves and anxious excitement had kept them from getting a full night's sleep, and starting at 1:00AM, they were about to steer the graveyard shift through eight solid hours of Final Fantasy.


A lot of people played video games very quickly last week, raising $US1.7 million ($2.2 million) for charity in the process. All of the speedruns at Summer Games Done Quick 2017 were entertaining, but if you don't have time to catch up on them all, here were some of my favourites.


Six years ago, Awesome Games Done Quick started as a small outfit of speedrunners who played games to raise money for cancer prevention. Since then, AGDQ has ballooned into a big event: this year alone, viewers donated $US2.2 ($3) million dollars for a good cause. The added visibility has brought new challenges, as runners and organisers butt heads over rules that dictate what is banned from the event.


Summer Games Done Quick is over, but the crazy speedruns and insane moves will live on forever. Here are six awesome runs, all from the SGDQ speedrunning marathon last week.