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AverageTrey first got into speedrunning Super Mario Sunshine back in 2013. He'd always loved the game as a kid and thought the records in the 120 Shines category still had plenty of room for improvement. Five years later he's finally cracked the three hour barrier in one of speedrunning's most popular games.


Super Mario Sunshine hacking is crazy. But I wasn't ready for this level of crazy. This hack places Mario into Outset Island from Wind Waker. It's a bizarre mixture of confusion and cool.


Let's not get into a discussion about framerate caps on consoles and just enjoy this awesome achievement from the folks behind the GameCube emulator Dolphin. Using a couple of neat hacks, the Dolphin team has managed to get Super Mario Sunshine and a few other games running at 60 frames per second on the emulator and boy, does it look damn smooth.