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Supergirl: Being Super -- a four-issue miniseries about a teenage Kara Danvers living in rural America with zero Kryptonian memories and confusing fluctuations in her powers -- concluded this week. It's been a really wonderful ride and, if it hadn't taken such a misstep in the final pages of the last issue, it would have been not just one of the best Supergirl stories told, but one of the best Super-stories period.


Video: In the latest teaser for LEGO Dimensions' season two content, the girl from Krypton introduces us to a stranded alien botanist in search of a phone. Perhaps there is one in that odd blue box.


Don't expect to see a lot of DC Comics' Supergirl grieving and crying over the recent death of her cousin Superman. "It's all about her legacy and her strength and her power, especially now that Clark is gone," says writer Steve Orlando. "She would be an icon whether Superman existed or not, because of what she's went through and because she's come out stronger on the other side."


Supergirl is coming to LEGO Dimensions late next month, but she's not coming easy. Not only is Superman's cousin a PlayStation 4 exclusive, her figure will only be available in Starter Packs, the full edition of the game most fans already own.