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Once upon a time, there was nothing quite so maligned in the world of Overwatch as a Symmetra main. People still hate Hanzo, and Widowmaker mains will always bear the brunt of every loss. But at least their value is understood.

Three months since her rework, however, Symmetra has settled into a place befitting of the demon scientist.


The much-anticipated rework for Overwatch's Symmetra is on the game's test server, and it's already clear that Overwatch will look pretty different when it's released in full. As one of the most exhaustive hero reworks yet, Symmetra's new toolkit is significantly more tactical. And, finally, developer Blizzard reclassified Symmetra as a defence hero, not a support.


Symmetra mains are gearing up for yet another major overhaul, again. And judging by the comments from Blizzard developers, the changes being tested will end up being the most significant - because some of the changes will impact the Vishkar architect's core identity and her most divisive ability: her auto-aim beam of death.