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If the industrial, supernatural world of Blades in the Dark was the backdrop for anything other than a tabletop role-playing game, I'd have written daily letters to its creator begging them to make it into one. Blades in the Dark's world is so full of noir curiosities that it begs players to insert themselves in, and fortunately, its narrative-based ruleset accommodates that in any way you want to try it.

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Creating a character for a role-playing game is an intense experience. It's thrilling and intimidating - often at the same time - to invent a fictional version of yourself and send them out on adventures. It's another thing entirely when the character you're making is based on the person in front of you.


Wizards of the Coast is calling the next big global Dungeons & Dragons storyline "Rage of Demons", but the theme running through D&D tabletop, board and video games later this year is a dark elf wielding a pair of scimitars and his pet panther.