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Tacoma is a narrative game about chasing ghosts. Set in the future aboard a large space station, players search for answers in augmented reality recordings of past events. The digital remnants of the station's crew steal romantic moments, play video games and strum guitars. These shadows are all too human, and observing them is a haunting and captivating experience.


Tacoma, the new game from the makers of Gone Home, is coming to PC and Xbox One on August 2. That's surprisingly soon! The game is about uncovering "the mysteries held by Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma and its crew, living at the edge of humanity's reach."


Video: The Fullbright Company, developers of Gone Home, showed off their next project at the Game Awards. In a short teaser, we saw a glimpse of the sci-fi-looking Tacoma, which is...well, we don't really know. That's what teasers do. They leave us with questions.