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“So, Tracey, what’s it like working on a video game?” asked nobody in particular (or, more accurately, nobody at all). I umm’d and aah’d, trying to think of a description to accurately describe game making. And then I came up with one, and it was a little bit gross.


When Nike slapped their logo all over their trademark “Just Do It”, they probably meant for it to be an encouraging statement. It wasn’t so much a command as much as it was a “You Can Do It Too!” Yes, that’s right, you -- the chubby one with asthma -- you can run that marathon and break a record! Just wobble your way down that hill in these ergonomic orthopaedic Nike-approved running shoes and you can win! Just do it!


“'Having an idea for a game' and 'designing a game' are very different things,” says Craig, stroking his imaginary Fu Man Chu. We're perched on top of a figurative mountain where the video game master attempts to teach the young grasshopper the ways of game design. Picture game design veteran Craig Duturbure as a white Mr. Miyagi and me dressed as an Asian Karate Kid. We're into our third week developing Tasty Tasty Grandpa and this young grasshopper is still learning to wax on, wax off.


Game journalists like to think they know a lot about video games. For the most part, they do! Some writers have encyclopedic knowledge of the most obscure games: games are their love, the stirrer of their loins, the honey to their bunny. But how much do they know about making games? If this game journalist is anything to go by, the answer rhymes with “schmuck schmall”.


I felt dumb. I stood in a room full of game developers -- a mix of students, amateurs, indies, and professionals -- as they worked their way through this year’s Global Game Jam. Ideas were flying everywhere, chunks of code ran their way across screens, gorgeous pieces of art and animation came to life -- my goodness, these people were talented. And in the middle of it all I stood with my notepad and pen, feeling dumb. Well, I’m about to put an end to that.