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In 2018, much like every year, there were numerous amazing games released that many gamers just never got to try out – or even hear about. Sometimes it’s due to low marketing budgets, sometimes poor advertising, or sometimes the game just needs to be tried to understand why it’s fun. Often it's just plain bad luck.


We're still in the midst of July, but there's still the odd interesting title in the woodwork. Sonic Mania Plus drops this week, and it's accompanied by the colourful Tempest 4000. Along with those, qrth-phyl appears once again - fans of indies on Xbox 360 might remember that one.

Adventure Time: Pirates of Enchiridion hits all platforms, and the Mega Man Legacy X Collection finds a new home. And as an extra bonus: Hand of Fate 2 hits the Switch, along with some other intriguing indies. Here's this week in games.