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Square Enix's new smartphone game, Rampage Land Rankers, is labelled as an "imaginary science adventure drama" and is a "PvD" (Player versus Dungeon) game where players create custom characters, called "Rankers" to explore board-game-like dungeons to fight monsters and find treasures.


Check out them guns on Sora. The D23 Expo Japan 2013 was an event last week at the Tokyo Disney Resort that celebrated both the 90th anniversary of the Walt Disney Company and the 30th anniversary of the Tokyo Disney Resort itself. Nomura was there with Japanese cast members to show the latest Kingdom Hearts III trailer and talk about the game.


I got a chance to handle the PS4 at this year's Tokyo Game Show. The graphics definitely look prettier than I've seen on the PS3, but otherwise, it handles pretty much like it should. But I'm looking at it from the player's side. That's the output. What about the input? That's where you have to ask the developers.