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Some games you can't stay away from. No matter how much you try to say you're done, it doesn't matter. Somehow you find it on the screen in front of you and that means it's time to play.

For me, that game is Spelunky.


By some considerable distance, one of life's greatest pleasures is browsing the glory that is the Fatties Burger Appreciation Society. So for this week's Big Question, let's talk big burgers.


The great thing about games is that they're, for the most part, always accessible. There's nothing stopping me from playing something in the '90s, or loading up an emulator to get a classic going that used to run on my dad's 286.

But sometimes life moves on, and the games and moments we enjoyed get left behind.


Investing in bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies in general, has taken off rapidly over the last year. But one of the earliest groups to get on board the technology was gamers, partially because they had all the tech and know-how to mine bitcoin in the first place.

So: have you invested in bitcoin yet?


I recently set a goal for myself to collect all the achievements on as many games as possible. I say "recently", but this goal dates back to my university days, when in my youthful optimism I believed I could conquer TF2.


Look, we do this poll roughly once every couple of years, mainly to see how many people have moved over to the CORRECT side, which is invert. Obviously.

Last two times I did this poll, the world tried to tell me that so called 'regular' was the way to go. Come on squad, come to the light.


Last night the Click Frenzy nightmare kicked off, and later this week we'll have (most likely) the Amazon Australia launch, the Black Friday sales, and Cyber Monday after that.

That's a lot of discounted goods just before Christmas. Question is, what are you holding out for?


Every now and again, we need to return to something familiar. It doesn't matter if we've played it before, or played it and never finished. There's just something about that one game, one franchise, that feels comfortable.


This week is really the end of the beginning as far as the 2017 gaming calendar goes. It's a rush of the biggest titles, before a relatively quiet December. Most people will have spent hundreds of hours in games this year. But what ones caught your attention the most?


Later today, there's going to be a giant robot fight. Between Japan and the United States, of course. So for this week's Big Question, I couldn't help but ask: if you had to pick a giant robot to save your arse, which one would you pick?


The Last Jedi's second trailer dropped yesterday, and after watching an incredibly crappy game of NFL, the internet was thrilled.

And then it got hungry. For Porgs.


People have lots of things they love, and soft drink is no different. But it's more common that people have one or two flavours that they physically cannot stand, and so for this week's Big Question I'm keen to know: what soft drink do you hate the most?