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So 2017 has been a pretty big year already, and E3 is shaping up to be good fun as well. There's always plenty of fun stuff announced, but this year has some extra spice - Nintendo has to flesh out the library for the Switch, Microsoft will be unveiling more about Project Scorpio, and then there's the question of what happens to the PS4 Pro and PSVR.


Every day, at some point, we're talking about how much of a cracker year this is. Serrels has crazy Hyrulian stories from his bus trips (more on that later), and I'm frantically trying to get through my Nioh level 1 run before moving onto Nier: Automata in earnest. A fresh round of DLC was just released for both of those games, and we have details on the Zelda DLC... But how in hell are we finding the time to play everything?


The long weekend is almost upon us, and as a 30-year-old adult it raises a thorny question: planning for Easter.

Easter was a lot easier when it was Mum and Dad doing all of organising. But now it's more of a joint affair, it's given rise to a curious question: since everyone won't be spending the whole four day weekend together, what part of the public holiday becomes "Easter"?


Would you look at the time - it's almost Easter. And in case they haven't come across your nose, plate, face or general vicinity of late, that means Hot Cross Buns time.

I never grew up being a big fan of hot cross buns.


Over the last few days I've been listening to those "science" curated playlists: ones supposedly designed to make you more creative, more productive, that sort of thing.

Up until that point, however, I was a big fan of electronic dance music.


You'll start to see a lot more Mass Effect: Andromeda news over the next week, and with good reason: copies have started going out to reviewers all around the world. And because it's a Mass Effect game, that means spending a good chunk of time in the character creator.


So now you've seen the first impressions, what the hardware looks like, how big it is, what games are shipping at launch and in the first few weeks, and what the guts of the console are like.

The question is: are you going to buy it?


When proposing the question in our group chat, Gizmodo's editor Cam replied with the following: rare or medium rare. That's how you have your steak - not how Cam has his steak, but how everyone should have their steak, and any other answer was invalid.


When I was very growing up, I was fortunate enough to have two sets of family friends. One owned the glorious gaming machine that was the Commodore 64, while another was a computer loving family that grew up with a couple of Amiga machines.


The other day a friend of mine was asking me: should I get a 55" or a 65" TV? He had enough money to get the 65", but wasn't sure if it was necessary.

Which, as we all know, is a bit of a silly question to be asking. But if we're being serious, it's a sensible thing to ask.


I mean, is this even a question. I didn't think it was. Sausage rolls are the absolute bomb. The pinnacle of Australia. Tomato sauce. BBQ sauce. BOTH. Sausage roll. Done. Perfect day achieved.

But no, some people prefer those little pockets of minced disappointment. So the question must be: party pies or sausage rolls?


So we know by the end of 2017, the Nintendo Switch will have two new entries for its biggest franchises. Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey.

Question is, which one are you more excited for?


So right now I'm sitting in the middle of a cafe, having just enjoyed what is my go-to international breakfast: oatmeal. I'm a little wary of overeating and indulging when I go overseas, especially in the United States, so I try and make a habit of making breakfast as light as humanly possible.

But it got me thinking - what do you all have for breakfast on a regular basis?