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Earlier this year I finally ventured into the world of Dungeons & Dragons, something I'd wanted to do for many years but never gotten the opportunity to. And while I'm still getting my head around roleplaying a character while keeping all of the necessary systems and rules in my head at once, it's been fun!


With Adobe this morning announcing that they would stop updating and distributing Flash Player at the end of 2020, the date has finally been set for the death of Flash. And it's not before too long: the standard was riddled with security errors, and Adobe couldn't update it fast enough to plug all the holes hackers kept finding.


I was fortunate enough to do something last week that I never seem to get enough time for: a trip to the movies. Along with Tegan and some colleagues from the office, I checked out a premiere of Baby Driver, which is a top heist flick that you should all enjoy if you can.

But it got me wondering: for those of you who have been fortunate to go to the movies more frequently, what are your top flicks for the year so far?


E3 2017 continues, but all of the major conferences have come and gone. And that means it's time for you to decide the thing that really matters: who won E3.


E3 is just around the corner, meaning we're only days away from being inundated with information about new games, new system updates, Project Scorpio specs, the whole shebang. But rather than look forward, for this week's Big Question I'd like to look back.


There's no doubt that having a nice, shiny skin for your gun or player model looks cool, and feels cool. But I'm the kind of person who can never justify spending actual money on those things, and I'm always fascinated by those that do.


So 2017 has been a pretty big year already, and E3 is shaping up to be good fun as well. There's always plenty of fun stuff announced, but this year has some extra spice - Nintendo has to flesh out the library for the Switch, Microsoft will be unveiling more about Project Scorpio, and then there's the question of what happens to the PS4 Pro and PSVR.


Every day, at some point, we're talking about how much of a cracker year this is. Serrels has crazy Hyrulian stories from his bus trips (more on that later), and I'm frantically trying to get through my Nioh level 1 run before moving onto Nier: Automata in earnest. A fresh round of DLC was just released for both of those games, and we have details on the Zelda DLC... But how in hell are we finding the time to play everything?


The long weekend is almost upon us, and as a 30-year-old adult it raises a thorny question: planning for Easter.

Easter was a lot easier when it was Mum and Dad doing all of organising. But now it's more of a joint affair, it's given rise to a curious question: since everyone won't be spending the whole four day weekend together, what part of the public holiday becomes "Easter"?