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Very few things are as universally loathed and shunned by their own fanbase as the Star Wars prequel trilogy. While there were points where you could almost tell what George Lucas was trying to do with Darth Vader's origin story, it was mostly just a mess.

No one expected anything good when The Clone Wars came creeping in, as the dust from the prequels' fallout was still settling. Yet even though the animated show started out just as you would expect, it managed to achieve what the prequels never could.


I've made an argument for why you should watch The Clone Wars, but actually watching it is another thing. With 121 episodes, many of them filler, some of them oddly out of order, there's a certain art to getting the best out of your Clone Wars experience. Here's my list of the essential episodes you should be watching, neatly sorted into chronological order and cut down to only 66 episodes and a movie.