the evil within

The Evil Within 2: The Kotaku Review

When we meet Sebastian Castellanos at the beginning of The Evil Within 2, he’s a broken man. The mind-bending events of the previous instalment fractured his psyche. He blames himself for not being able to save his daughter Lily from a house fire, and his wife left him. He’s been…

The Evil Within Was Better At Action Than Horror

The Evil Within was supposed to be Shinji Mikami’s triumphant return to form. The creator of Resident Evil had revitalized the brand once with RE4, and The Evil Within promised to be the next big step in the survival horror genre. A new universe from the mind behind some of…

Official Patch Removes Letterboxing In The Evil Within

Briefly: When The Evil Within came out last year, one of the points of controversy was the game’s gigantic letterboxing during gameplay. As of today, Bethesda announced there’s now an official patch that removes the letterboxing on every version of the game. Weird!