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The last time we spoke to Nick Pearce, he was flying on a high: The Forgotten City, a mod that he'd spent more than 1700 hours building, had just won an Australian Writers' Guild award. It was the first Australian screenwriting award given to a video game mod, a staggering accomplishment given it was a mod borne entirely out of love.

Since then, Pearce has been thinking about what the next stage of development looks like. He quit his full-time job, and after fielding a bunch of offers to work with other studios, Pearce decided to walk a long and difficult path of his own: turning his Skyrim mod into a game of its own.


It's not every day that you see a video game and a national screenwriting award in the same sentence. In fact, it's never happened -- until last week, when the Australian Writers' Guild gave an AWGIE not just to Skyrim, but a Skyrim mod.

The mod is available today for the PC and Xbox One versions of Skyrim: Special Edition. But it wouldn't have been available if its Australian creator, Nick Pearce, hadn't been randomly punched in the face by a stranger.


When we showed off The Forgotten City last year, it looked almost good enough to be a release from Bethesda themselves. It's basically one big giant murder mystery set underground, complete with lateral thinking puzzles, an original soundtrack, multiple endings and interrogations.

It's an exceptional piece of work. And it's now a culturally recognised piece of work, after its Australian creator won a national screenwriting award.