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Years ago, at an outdoor bar in Brooklyn, my best friend and I were enjoying whiskey drinks when two well-groomed men approached us. Making polite excuses, one told my friend that he needed a woman's opinion on something. "He's been dating a girl for three months," he said, gesturing to his buddy, "and she's moved in with him. He's still friends with his old girlfriend from college, though. Is that ok?" My friend responded, Yeah, sure it's ok. The gentleman went on, "Here's part two of the question: He happens to keep her old letters along with some photos of her. His girlfriend found the box and wants to destroy it. I think it's extreme and insecure, personally, but I'm a guy."


In a season five episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the Enterprise crew falls under the spell of a dangerously addictive augmented reality game. That same game lies buried within mobile game Star Trek: Timelines, an Easter egg so well-hidden only one player has uncovered it, and they don't even know it yet.