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Who knows what the gaming industry will look like whenever Fumito Ueda's next game comes out. Will we have moved on from consoles entirely? Who knows.

Either way, The Last Guardian is finally here. And while it's far from the only major release this week, it's easily the one people have been waiting the longest for. But there's actually quite a few interesting games out, from a VR take on Werewolf to 3DS JRPGs to a Space Hulk FPS.


I don't see The Last Guardian's delay as tragic, or even difficult to deal with. I just find it hilarious. Hilarious and strangely comforting. If anything I'm anxious about having to play a game I've been writing and talking about for so many years.

So, here's a trailer. Relax, The Last Guardian is still an abstract concept that doesn't quite exist yet.