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It's not Final Fantasy, nor is it Dragon Quest. As mentioned in an upcoming issue of Famitsu, the Tokyo-based game company is working on a new action role-playing game. The game currently does not have a title.


East meets West as Square Enix releases The Last Remnant, their first attempt at creating a role-playing experience with both Japanese and Western audiences in mind.

The game follows the adventure of Rush Sykes, a small-village boy who gets thrust into global intrigue after his sister is kidnapped by a sinister man in a flying golden machine. It features a unique union-based battle system that supports large-scale encounters, a cast of memorable characters, and an antagonist easily as powerful as Square Enix's more famous villains, if not quite as pretty. The whole thing is powered by Epic's Unreal Engine 3, marking the first time that Square has reached outside of their own toolbox to develop a title.

So how did their first stab at a globe-pleasing RPG pan out? Read on and find out.


Were you planning on picking up the new Square Enix title The Last Remnant next month? No? Well let's see what we can do to sweeten the deal for you. How's about we give you a special pre-order bonus? Something to really make you stand up and take notice of this untested property. Perhaps some bonus unlockable content? Square Enix has announced that everybody who pre-orders The Last Remnant from participating retailers will get a special code that unlocks three special battle formations! Yes! I am running to the store right now!

While I am sure the three formations - Scatterswarm, Goblet and Catapult - will make a big difference in the gameplay, currently have no real idea what a formation does, so I am pretty much utterly unmoved by this news. Luckily for them, they are Square Enix, and the new screenshots you'll find after the jump are gorgeous, so it's all good.


Back on Monday, Square Enix announced its big Tokyo Game Show plans. The company hadn't then decided in what form The Last Remnant and Star Ocean 4 would take at the show — whether they'd just be new trailers or actually playable. Well, Square Enix has made of its mind and yes, both games will be playable on the TGS show floor. Not only that, there will be trailers, too. So when you're not playing, you can be watching. And when you're not doing that, you can be doing other things.

『ラスト レムナント』と『スターオーシャン4』は東京ゲームショウにプレイアブル出展


Upcoming Square Enix The Last Remnant is coming to the Xbox 360 on November 20th. After launching first on Microsoft's game console, it'll be released on the PS3 and for PCs — those dates are TBA. Well, they were. Seems that in a recent Famitsu PS3, the magazine announced the PS3 version as November 20th as well. Hey, that's the same day as the Xbox 360 release!

A goof apparently, as Famitsu is running a correction, stating that the release date should read "TBA". Famitsu also adds: "To our readers and all concerned parties, we deeply apologise for any trouble this may have caused. We hope you accept our apology and correction".

ムック・ファミ通PS3 Vol.XIII掲載 PS3版『ラスト レムナント』発売日の御詫びと訂正


Upcoming Square Enix RPG The Last Remnant will be getting an Xbox 360 release before the PS3 one. The game was first announced in 2007, and Square Enix touted the fact that it would be getting a simultaneous PS3/Xbox 360 release in both Japan and North America this winter with Europe following later. Now, it looks like it will get a simultaneous Xbox 360 release and a PS3 one later. And get this, Square Enix now says the game will launch in Japan, North America and Europe at the same time this winter — on the Xbox 360.