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A journey through the world of the freezing woods of the survival game The Long Dark has long been wonderful. The sky constantly changes; the snow is breathtaking. The sound design is rich and detailed, with your pack making different sounds depending on what you're carrying. The quiet can be overwhelming, until it's punctuated by the hoot of a loon or the sudden rush of the wind. You'll light a fire and warm some soup, the crackle of the flames detailed and evocative. Moving through Great Bear is both tense and peaceful, no matter why you're doing it.

It's not a game that needs a story, but with The Long Dark's official launch from Steam early access last week onto PCs, Xbox One, and PS4, development studio Hinterland has added one.


Since late 2014, the developers of the Canadian wilderness survival game The Long Dark have refined the game's interface, made its ravenous virtual wildlife smarter and added numerous player challenges. They're planning to add a story, too, but the best facet of The Long Dark was there from the start: The game is slow. Really slow.