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The Oslo headquarters of MMO developer Funcom found itself under siege this morning, as Norwegian economic crime unit Økokrim launches an investigation into suspected infringement of the provisions of the Securities Trading Act revolving the 2012 launch of The Secret World.


Funcom's supernatural MMORPG The Secret World makes its big-screen debut in IRL, a Swedish film about a troubled teen who finds happiness in a virtual world. Check out an interview with director Erik Leijonborg at the game's official site.


Just a few short years ago, Funcom's Joel Bylos was in charge of level 20 through 40 of Age of Conan, a massively multiplayer online game that was, at launch, widely criticised for a lack of quality content past level 20. Now he's the creative director in charge of Age of Conan, Anarchy Online and The Secret World, and his goal is to make unhappy players at any experience level a thing of the past.


Hey look, it's a video for the changes coming in The Secret World's Issue #2: Digging Deeper update. Plastic surgery, bazookas and an extension of "the Kingsmouth Code" investigation mission -- these are things I would have been thrilled about two days ago. Now that lead designer Martin Bruusgaard has been let go, not so much.


The era of the subscription-based online game has well and truly ended in 2012. It had a good run, really. Fifteen years is quite a long time for anything to stay static in the land of gaming.


As it turns out, I was born to be a dragon. In the old adage about a butterfly flapping its wings in China to cause a hurricane in Texas, the Dragon are the ones who put the butterfly into position and tell it when to flap. They are agents of chaos, slipping into and moving through the warp and weft of reality, artfully choosing not so much which strings to pull, as which strings to make others pull for them. They see the pattern. They manipulate the pattern. They are the ones who know that there is a pattern.