the surge 2

  • The Surge 2 Is A Bit Of A Mess, But I Can’t Stop Playing

    In The Surge 2’s worst moments, when too many enemies clutter too small hallways, it is a slog. But in other moments, everything falls into place, and it suddenly becomes one of the most addictive games I’ve played all year. The Surge 2 has absurd highs and damning lows, creating an inconsistent experience that I…

  • The Surge 2 Doubles Down On Limb Severing 

    The Surge 2 Doubles Down On Limb Severing 

    I’ve never been a Dark Souls fanatic, but I appreciate the vibrant new mini-genre of Souls-likes it’s helped inspire. The Surge is one of those, and from what I saw at E3 2018, The Surge 2 looks like it will be a big improvement with some new ideas of its own.